July Birthstone Cardigan

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You say it's your birthday. We're gonna have a good time!” -The Beatles

Are you searching for a birthday gift for someone special and running out of ideas? Haute Energy is here to the rescue with a bespoke gift idea that is full of positive energy.  And don’t be shy about treating yourself with some luxe cashmere self-love - you deserve it!

Please meet the Haute Energy Birthstone Cardigan.  The buttons are semi-precious birthstones with a top button of my signature, double terminated clear crystal quartz.  The cashmere is of the finest quality (no pilling) sourced from the world renowned Scotland cashmere producer, Todd & Duncan. Each cardigan is knitted in a Brooklyn, NY based factory that is on the forefront of knitwear technology through its on-demand manufacturing platform using 3D knitting machines.  Every piece is knit to order, producing virtually zero waste, requiring no inventory minimums, and creating a sustainable supply chain to be proud of - ethically made in the USA!

Carnelian Creativity * Action * Confidence
Clear Crystal Quartz
 Master Healer * Amplification * Positivity * Balance * Cleansing

Please note each cardigan is knit to order, and therefore considered a custom order and not returnable.  The sizing does run a touch small so please refer to the detailed sizing chart. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out for sizing advice.

Please allow six-eight business days for knitting and shipping.