LUXE SPIKE - Ruby Zoisite
LUXE SPIKE - Ruby Zoisite

LUXE SPIKE - Ruby Zoisite

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The Haute Energy Spike Evolution continues…please meet LUXE SPIKES!  I’m obsessed!  This design was a year in the making and such fun working with a lapidary creating my own custom cut beads.  The old saying, “the third time is a charm” holds true and we got it just right after the third round. 

Now, let’s start stacking and throw a Wrist Party!

Ruby Zoisite
Healing * Release * Growth

LUXE SPIKE bracelets include three custom designed and distinctive gold logo spike beads with the Haute Energy logo engraved on the bottom.

Sizing is approximately 7 inches and can be adjusted. Please note at checkout your sizing request.

*Please note, these spike beads are custom made and Haute Energy will be stocking a limited supply and restock will take approximately six weeks.*