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Have you always wondered, what are the Chakras? I was once curious, so please let me share the Haute Energy ABCs of the Seven Chakras. Chakra is ancient Sanskrit and translates to wheel or disc. According to Indian tradition, the chakras are energy centers of the body, or spinning wheels of energy, and when blocked, you may feel unbalanced or disconnected. When they are open and the energy is flowing, you are able to function at your best, both physically and emotionally. There are many methods for restoring chakra alignment like yoga, meditation, time in nature and breath work. But one of my favorites is  “Laying of Stones,” when corresponding crystals are placed on each chakra and the vibrational qualities open up the flow creating energetic harmony. Each chakra is represented by a color and do you remember memorizing ROYGBIV? Well, you will now always remember the corresponding chakra colors since they directly translate in order - 1 Root (Red), 2 Sacral (Orange), 3 Solar Plexus (Yellow), 4 Heart (Green), 5 Throat (Blue), 6 Third Eye (Indigo), 7 Crown (Violet or Clear).

The Haute Energy Chakra Collection includes seven designs with consistent stones and for each focused chakra design, an extra "vitamin booster" stone. I read somewhere crystals are superfoods for the chakras and this collection offers a haute piece for your personal health tool kit. Gift yourself an extra dose where you may need chakra TLC.

THROAT CHAKRA - Find your voice and express yourself!
Blue Lace Agate communication*serenity*expression

1 Root Obsidian grounding*protection
2 Sacral Carnelian creativity*action*confidence
3 Solar Plexus Tiger Eye courage*confidence
4 Heart Green Aventurine optimism*self-care
5 Throat Sodalite wisdom*focus*honesty
6 Third Eye Amethyst calm*intuition*sobriety
7 Crown Clear Crystal Quartz master healer*amplification

Bracelets include a distinctive and custom designed miniature, double terminated crystal shaped logo bead with 
Haute Energy engraved. 

Sizing is approximately 7 inches and can be adjusted. Please note at checkout your sizing request.