Kimberly Cooper, age 3
Here I am age 3, at the shore, after playing in my grandmother's costume jewelry box.  
My love for jewelry, fashion, crafting, nature and the arts have all been my constants.   Throughout my childhood and teen years I adored jewelry, ranging from crafting summer woven friendship bracelets, beading safety pins for my Tretorns, and saving my allowance for dangle earrings from Mooshka (anyone who frequented Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA in the late eighties understands this obsession!). 
I recall vividly the special occasions when I was gifted my gold signet ring, my first strand of pearls, and a gypsy ring made with sentimental stones. I still treasure these pieces given to me by my parents celebrating milestones, as well as special finds brought back from their travels, and most importantly family heirlooms that tell stories from past generations.
My first piece of crystal jewelry was gifted during a post college stint at Barneys New York by the ethereal and angelic Kazuko.  She practically floated in the entrance, wearing all white linen and gauze, where she checked on her jewelry cases as if she was caring for her crystal garden.  She gifted each employee a clear crystal point wrapped in her signature style.  I still wear it today paired with other special talismans.
I began creating my own jewelry about twenty five years ago.  I have always had an open mind to the crystalline world and fully came out of the "crystal closet" when I launched Haute Energy in 2018.  The name Haute Energy was coined during a plane ride home from Paris when I was doodling the perfect name that would describe the union of style and crystal energy.  Since then, I have committed myself to complimenting my creative vision by furthering my knowledge of our energetic world.  Specifically, I have completed Reiki Level 1 Certification, gifted my autoimmune challenges with healing through the Allergy Release Technique and, most recently completed The Crystal Academy of Advance Healing Arts Beginning Crystal Healing Certification Course.
Here I am now, welcoming you to Haute Energy!
A little more about me…
Sign - Pisces
Favorite Number - 3
Family Pet - Percy, The Dog
Hometown - Bryn Mawr, PA
Adopted Hometown - Fairfield, CT
Early Bird or Night Owl - Early Bird
Drink of choice - Water, Green Juice, and Wine
Favorite Place - Maine
Fashion Inspiration - My Mom
Favorite Designer - Ulla Johnson, Isabel Marant
Favorite Jewelry Designers - Kazuko, Irene Neuwirth, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Verdura, Seaman Schepps, Gabriella Kiss, Mary MacGill, Faye Kim, Brent Neale
Favorite Memory - The day my son was born, he is a true miracle and gift.
Vice - Peanut Butter Cups
Pet peeve - When people can't park their car within the lines.
First Job - Laura Ashley
College Major - Art History
Favorite Artist - Alex Katz, Leo Brooks
Favorite flower - So many! - Amaryllis, Lily of the Valley, Peonies, Dahlias 
Little known fun fact - I have a hidden tattoo of a hippie flower.
If I won the lottery - I would live abroad for a year with my family, start a charitable foundation, renovate and commission an Alex Katz portrait.
Favorite TV show - The weather
Favorite Movie - Still searching...
Favorite Restaurant - My husband’s restaurant, BONDA, of course!
Favorite Day of the week - Sunday, my husband’s day off.
Favorite Color - All
Favorite Season - All
Most recent splurge - Face Serums
Favorite bargain - Anything Zara
Beach or mountains - Beach, I’m a Pisces and I love to beach comb.
Favorite Crystal - Clear Crystal Quartz, The Master Healer
Best advice - BREATHE...