LUXE Chiclet - Black Labradorite
LUXE Chiclet - Black Labradorite

LUXE Chiclet - Black Labradorite

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The stars aligned when I was trying something new with my Haute Energy signature spike logo bead and some new cuts of beads.  BAM - spike magic!  It was a perfect fit.  Please meet the next generation of Haute Energy designs - LUXE. 

My Mom Mom (translation = Grandmother, for all the non Mid Atlantic natives) always had Chiclets stashed in the inside pocket of her handbag.  This shape reminds of this retro gum and, naturally, my beloved Mom Mom.  I also love the paired geometrics of the rectangular and cone spike shapes.  Fun Fact: I strangely loved Geometry.

Protection * Transformation * Spirituality * Strength * Intuition

LUXE bracelet designs include three distinctive gold Haute Energy logo spike beads.

Sizing is approximately 7 inches and can be adjusted. Please note at checkout your sizing request.