May Birthstone - Chrysoprase

May Birthstone - Chrysoprase

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The May Birthstone channels traditional Emerald green with a fresh approach with verdant Chrysoprase paired with Clear Crystal Quartz.

Haute Energy's crystal double pointed designs marry style and crystal energy. Beyond their structural and geometric beauty, the double terminated crystals draw the positive inwards and the negative outwards creating an inner peace and balance. The crystal is paired with 12mm round semi-precious stones.

Nature * Compassion * Forgiveness
Clear Crystal Quartz
Master Healer * Amplification * Positivity * Balance * Transmute Energy * Clearing

Bracelets include a distinctive and custom designed miniature, double terminated crystal gold logo bead with Haute Energy engraved. 

Sizing is approximately 7 inches and can be adjusted. Please note at checkout your sizing request.